Smart Growth Roundup for the Week of January 30, 2012


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Welcome to the second weekly addition to the Smart Growth Roundup. As you’ll see there’s a lot of compelling smart growth news from around the state. We’ve also tossed in what we think is some particularly compelling national and international news. We like to mix up the Roundup geographically and topically, and welcome your suggestions!


Streetsblog: Tappan Zee flunks New York’s smart-growth test
Senator Gillibrand calls for more federal funding for New York’s water and sewer infrastructure
$76 million  Crown Point Bridge opened last year has cracks
More planning needed for Tappan Zee Bridge
Chesapeake Energy steps back from fracking expansion into New York
N.Y. governor’s road, bridge plan raises questions
New York takes action against Pa. driller over pollution
Preserve NYS grants available
When a ‘windfall’ isn’t quite what it seems

Mass transit vs. highways: The Department of Transportation rule that is killing American cities.
Can Ontario deliver the continent’s best land-use plan?
House transportation bill would cut high speed rail
Governing magazine: Why does our infrastructure resemble a third world country’s?
Study confirms environmental benefits of adaptive reuse
U.S. infrastructure woes go beyond dollars
Development will never be sustainable as long as millions are unemployed
Ten lessons from the world’s great bike cities

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