NY Works infrastructure projects announced

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(April 3, 2012) Today the Governor begun to announce the highly anticipated NY Works infrastructure projects.  This will be done on a region-by-region basis.

The NY Works initiative, is an effort to create a comprehensive state plan for the $16 billion in annual capital expenditures by 45 state agencies and authorities.  Coordinating infrastructure and economic development planning is something that Empire State Future has focused on over the past year.

A NY Works Task Force will be developed  to coordinate capital infrastructure planning among agencies and authorities.  The Task Force will consist of fifteen members. Nine of the members will be appointed by the Governor and six by the Legislature. All major state agencies and authorities will participate in an implementation council to coordinate capital planning.

See below for a list of the road and bridge projects that have been announced.  Region-by-region announcements can be found at the Governor’s Newsroom.

Rotate Bridges

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  1. JK

    Key point you might want to mention is that there is no $16B in annual NYS agency and authority infrastructure spending. That’s an aspirational number created by the governor. The actual number is much lower than that. How low we are going to have to see. NYS is facing an infrastructure financing crisis. A combination of rapidly increasing debt payments for past borrowing and the refusal to raise the gas tax have created a double whammy. Worse, the Dedicated Highway Bridge and Trust Fund — which was created to provide Pay-As-You-Go funding for capital projects — is instead at the center of the state’s fiscal shell game. For decades it has been used as a credit card to convert borrowing from Thruway and PIT Transportation Bonds into operating funding for DMV and SDOT. Now DHBTF is functionally bankrupt and faces skyrocketing debt payments for Pataki era operating expenses.