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Syracuse downtown seeing booming residential population growth

Syracuse’s downtown has seen an astonishing 47 percent increase in residential population in the last decade, including a 21 percent spike in just the last three years. Cynics will probably say the statistics are impressive only because the downtown population was previously just so little, but there’s no doubting a remarkable national trend–renewed, booming interest […]

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Hug a Tree: Help Our Youth, Your Commute and Your Community

[Photo courtesy of Groundwork Hudson Valley] Trees are our greenest form of infrastructure.  They provide shade, cooling, beauty, and oxygen.  Trees support road and rail embankments by holding soil in place.  They help drainage.  They sequester CO2.  They can also become lumber or fire wood.  We take them for granted. Mayor Bloomberg’s well-regarded PlaNYC called […]

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Why Developers Love Parks

A former director of the Empire State Development Corporation explains why parks such as the High Line in New York City are magnets for the kind of development and developers we seek in our communities. Read more at Planetizen 

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Corning-based preservation architect focused on bringing life back to upper floors

For over two decades Elise Johnson-Schmidt has focused her preservation architecture efforts on buildings in Corning–and has branched way beyond, dedicated to bringing new life to the upper floors of historic buildings in communities throughout the state. Her projects include bringing the former Corning Free Academy–this post author’s middle school!–to upscale housing. Her transforming projects […]

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I Marched Too.

I too was a drop in the river of 350,000 climate change marchers in Manhattan a few weeks ago.  I was glad to be there amidst the largest climate change event ever.  The buzz that day reminded me of the first Earth Day which I attended with my mom years ago.  I vaguely remember marching […]

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Let Them in. Bring Them Here.

(Photo courtesy of Supporters of the plan to house immigrant children on the campus of the former Maria Regina College)  If it were only a case of 50,000 destitute children interned for trying to enter the United States, we would not still be reading about this ongoing sadness.   Many right-minded, good people fear that where […]

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SolarCity: a huge boon, bonanza for Buffalo

Solar City will open the Western Hemisphere’s largest solar panel manufacturing operation in South Buffalo on the site of a former steel plant, and is poised to bring with it more jobs (3,000 possible) than the steel plant ever had, even in its heyday.  This facility will be three times bigger than any other solar […]

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“Peak sprawl” in the NYC metro area?

A new study out of Rutgers University reveals that over the last five years, the outer suburban counties of the New York City metro area have lost population as the “core” has grown, signaling a surprising reversal of outward sprawl that has defined the region since 1950. Read more about the study at Streetsblog NYC

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