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$5 Billion. So You Say We’re Flush…

Whether you live in Buffalo, Rome, Albany, Brooklyn or Long Island your toilet, your view, your favorite beach, your water supply are all part of our shared water and sewer systems. Our favorite places and most pressing needs interconnect and interrelate and they are among the most under-funded parts of our generally under-funded infrastructure statewide. […]

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At long last, the Cuomo administration has rendered its internationally-awaited decision on hydraulic fracturing for natural gas in the Empire State–and the decision is to prohibit the controversial process from Montauk to Niagara Falls, from Jamestown to Plattsburgh, and everywhere in between. Below are links to some stories about this landmark land use decision. […]

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State announces 2014 Regional Economic Development Council Awards

Ending the suspense and anticipation around the Empire State, the Governor has announced the state’s 2014 Regional Economic Development Council grant awards. Empire State Future has been pleasantly surprised with the extent to which these grants have embodied and advanced smart growth and sustainable development principles, practices, and goals. What’s your take on this year’s awards? […]

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Buffalo strives for effective housing for the homeless

Hope Gardens, a Buffalo housing project of the Lt. Col. Matt Urban Human Services Center, includes a curious design feature–padded benches outdoors for those formerly homeless women residents to sleep on, if they choose. This feature is part of the designers’ recognition that while having a roof over one’s head is a dramatic improvement over homelessness, some […]

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60 Minutes takes on failing infrastructure

The issue of failing infrastructure–and how to fund the fixes so badly needed–was the lead story on the Sunday, November 23 edition of 60 Minutes on CBS.  If those watching football prior to the show stayed in front of their TVs for just another 15 minutes, they would have received a needed wake up call […]

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Fighting invasive vines with local youth

This past weekend Empire State Future teamed up with the Green Tech High Varsity Basketball Team and Youth-EdVenture Nature Network (YENN) to cut down invasive vines on the Corning Preserve bike trail in downtown Albany. We even had the Mayor of Albany, Kathy Sheehan, join in to cut the first vine. You can read more about the Oriental […]

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Syracuse downtown seeing booming residential population growth

Syracuse’s downtown has seen an astonishing 47 percent increase in residential population in the last decade, including a 21 percent spike in just the last three years. Cynics will probably say the statistics are impressive only because the downtown population was previously just so little, but there’s no doubting a remarkable national trend–renewed, booming interest […]

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